Friday, April 10, 2015

The Weather Breaks

We are getting out of the house and going on some adventures and we are so happy to do so!
Here is a few OOTD Shots. I believe everything is from Target! with the exception of the shoes which were gifted to me from my gal! Pink Chuck Taylors Can't go wrong. The Watch is Michael Kors. That rose gold, love it! We were just out grocery shopping today, but we will be doing some more advenutres soon. What do you look forward to most come spring? Monday is Our Home Opener for Baseball. Let's go Bucs. I look forward to going on walks, baseball, picnics and just being able to run out without bundling all up. I can't wait to take the baby on lots of nice spring and summer advenutres.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Funday

I picked up some new make-up earlier this week with more on the way via an awesome coupon deal at Ulta. It's too cold here in Western PA to get out for too long so we have been hitting the online shopping hard. 
Ready for Spring, Hello Berry Lipstick

The Aftermath of my make-up explosion!

 Mmmm, Delicious Dinner

So here is the before and after of my desk Total Mess, but something I love (make-up and beauty supplies) . I did take a video and that was an experience for me. It was a mess and all over the place and the lighting was weird, so we will keep working on that over here. It's not something to share yet. I'm also throwing in a token Sunflower Pic thanks to my hubs and the delicious dinner he hooked up too. It's a rare day that we have off together so I'm going to go enjoy Have a wonderful evening. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Here I am going to try this again.
Growing up hasn't been easy but it's been a wild adventure. I feel like I'd like to share some more of my grown up antics with you and my Husband! and Baby!
Stay Tuned for More.
We still love a good outfit around here and now we love make up, crafts and eating well.
You'll like it too.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brand New

Pretzels and Nutella, what a glorious combination. That's what I'm snacking on at the moment.
I promise this time, for real I will keep everyone better updated and share more awesome plus size fashion blurbs and style photos, Hooping adventures, the new life I'm living. Man, if you've been a reader. Lots of things have changed in my world. Stay Tuned.....

Monday, January 3, 2011

Can I keep a Promise? 2011

Eat Better- Quality, not Quantity
Wear More Dresses
Less Caffeine.
Get that Bicycle already
Save More Money
Plan a Trip West
Plan a Movement
Focus career Goals
Read More Books

Let's see.....